God of War

What is happening lately? A bunch of new wrestlers are coming to make Steve suffer! After a beating from the cocky Iván, Steve has face another newcomer: Ares

His name does him justice: he is powerful, muscular, handsome, and he will not hesitate to use his rage against whoever comes before him.

Unlike Ivan, Ares seems to use longer and more intense holds. You can tell by his sadistic expression how he enjoys every second of suffering that he causes Steve. He also seems to endure, or at least suppress the pain Steve inflicts on him on certain occasions. Is it true that he is not a being of this world? Or just a hunk with superhuman strength?

It is seen that when Ares selects his victim, he appears discreetly from behind to put an end to him. Who will be his next chosen one? Ivan? Dark JR?
Trailer available below

Steve burns!

Steve never turns down a challenge when it comes to fighting muscular hunkies. In this case he will face another familiar face: El Fuego.As many of you know, they had a previous confrontation, in which Steve did not come out very well, but this time we will see if El Fuego will burn Steve again. Steve has extensive knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but El Fuego has even more. As can be seen from the pictures, Steve is punished with chokes and numerous armbars and leglocks. This guy is able to send anyone to the hospital in no time! Is a specialist in breaking limbs, muscles and skills in one pack, the same as Steve.Not happy with that, he also punishes him with numerous ball grabs, will it be another defeat for Steve?
Trailer available below.


Boxer vs grappler

As we have already mentioned previously, during this summer we will have the pleasure of seeing fresh faces in Hunkswrestling. We also gave a brushstroke of Ivan Guerrero, the newest recruit. Although he may seem at first glance simply a fitness model, do not be fooled by its appearance. Ivan presents himself as a simple handsome face with a sculpted body in front of the experienced Steve, but we can see that in addition that he is quickly learning some notions of wrestling, he also had previous boxing knowledge. Steve is not used to fighting punches and kicks, so Ivan will make things very difficult for him this time, while Steve would need to use all his grappling skills in self defense. In addition to being aggressive, Iván is very cocky with his opponent, so in the future he could be a very complete fighter, what do you think? Could Iván be a good addition to the Hunkswrestling roster?

Check the trailer below!

Dark JR vs newcomer David Rashnikov

You can check the new challenger's skills against Dark JR right now! He is so mean with the spaniard! Could the poor Dark JR be able to fight back? We Hope that Dark 's pretty face is not too damaged, as we can see that David loves to slap his angelical face and gutpunching as well.

All of us love the angelic face of DarkJr, especially his  expression of pain ! But David is also handsome with those blue eyes of a warrior, you can't miss this match!

New wrestlers coming this summer!

After staying at home during the coronavirus, our wrestlers will be able to come back to the mat of Barcelona. Hopefully they keep healthy, and we will see fresh faces during this summer.

Then our main local wreslters, Dark JR and Steve, are going to face some of the newcomers. Will they kick their asses? Perhaps  would they join to the HW roster?
The spaniard Ivan Guerrero will be one of them,

Stay safe!