Boy vs man

 I'm not very creative with titles lately, but that doesn't stop them from describing a reality. Jonathan is on fire!, and his popularity is increasing despite having few videos of him published.  Being an impetuous youngster, he can't avoid opponents bigger than him, in this case the Italian Ezio Di Luca. The weight difference is noticeable, but our young fighter won't make it that easy for him. Despite the fact that the public likes to see Jonathan more as a jobber and Ezio more as a heel, maybe the roles are reversed this time? Or maybe Jonathan has to fill the jobber position once again? Do you prefer an aggressive and dominant Jonathan or a destroyed one? We will know very soon.

Wrestling and bondage

 It was time to go back to the mat! As many of you may have known, just as Dio Characi came from Brazil, Lobo Gris came from Mexico to challenge me for the hunkswrestling audience. Unlike Dio, Lobo has worked with various companies and was familiar with his fighting style, so he was prepared to kick his ass having seen the videos of him beforehand. However, I did not expect that he would propose a handicap match: our wrists tied by means of a rope, being able to use it as a double-edged weapon. That rope was sharper than I thought, and Lobo didn't stop punishing my balls! It was really my first time in a bondage fight, although it was fun it was hard and painful. Basically it's a fight with a lot of crotchgrab and ballbusting, also bordering on bondage and eroticism without forgetting the most classic promission holds. I knew that Lobo Gris had done gymnastics, so I wanted to check his elasticity as well. Really, since both he and I traveled a lot through various websites, it w

Athletic vs muscles

 There are already four releases in a row in which I don't appear , it's a record! I definitely don't find myself fighting muscular and imposing wrestlers right now, but I do find myself fighting life's mishaps, so it doesn't hurt to stay in the background while these talented guys take center stage. Really, as you know, there is no new fighter who goes through hunkswrestling without doing his first fight with me, so it is interesting to see a fight between two people with whom I have fought previously. The bad vibes begin when Tom is doing his calisthenics exercises on the beach, impressing all the passers-by, you can even see a woman passing by with her husband who takes off her sunglasses to better observe Tom's muscular body during the first scene, and this generates a feeling of envy in Jonathan. This added to the fact that Tom makes fun of the fact that these exercises do not turn out as well for Jonathan, causes him to want to show him that he surpasses h