Farewell DarkJR

 It seems that there has been a lot of controversy regarding my last video, more than I expected. It is true that it has been a new experience for me, but as I said before, I try to do my favorite sport in most of my videos, unfortunately I cannot make a living from it, so my main motivation when I work in wrestling companies is live the experience and disconnect from my usual work. Although I am not the most popular fighter, I do not consider myself a second-class fighter either, so I have to thank certain people and companies that have valued my effort in carving out a niche for me among so many fighters. With that said, we'll move on to discuss my latest video with DarkJR. As you can well imagine, it follows the theme of the previous Hot Challenges, but this time I am more dominant. As always, there are plenty of crotchgrabs and erotic stuff, so if you liked parts 1 and 2, this one won't disappoint.  DarkJR is one of the few fighters that I motivated to start as an undergrou

Miami trip

 I finally arrived from my trip to the USA. It has been an intense but very exciting month, I had to ask for the month off from work since I really needed to disconnect from Oslo. I've mainly gone to fights with other companies, and I've had fights with the most popular American wrestlers that I would ever think I would meet or fight in my life. Unfortunately I can't give more details on the blog, otherwise the person who runs hunkswrestling would kill me, but I'm sure you'll find out in the next few weeks or months. What I'm here to bring you are two collaborative home videos I did with Gabe Steel and Jeremy Tyler. With this stuff I unintentionally messed up this month's releases, but well I hope for a good reason. I have to clarify that these videos are NOT official videos of hunkswrestling, but they are collaborations. As you know, I don't have an onlyfans page to distribute my own videos, so hunkswrestling helps me a lot with this, since I don't

The hunk of the beach

Hey  hey, I am super lazy actually, but I will make a big effort because newcomer Tom Bravo deserves it. What seemed like a quiet day at the beach turns into a pitched battle. I was calmly meeting Jonathan Álvarez with whom, despite our small differences on the tatami, he is one of the fighters that I like best in hunswrestling. Without a doubt, I was saddened by his loss to Iván Guerrero, but I will try to make them fight again. Coming back to the topic, a hunk named Tom with an arrogant attitude confronted me on the beach and we decided to go to the hunkswrestling mat to resolve our disputes, is there any other diplomatic way to do it? If so, I accept suggestions in the comments. I have to say that as a veteran wrestler on the website, hunkswrestling often gives me the honor of testing the rookies. Tom Bravo has a brute technique more focused on pro wrestling, really my body was lost between so much muscle. Fortunately I knew how to defend myself against guys with his complexion but