Who does Steve Mason bet against?

In Hunkswrestling new release on February 3, Steve Mason challenges a submission wrestler, and he bets $ 50 for his victory. Who will it be against?
Someone has said it could be Pitbull, of Hunkswrestling, and another rumor speaks of Ethan Axel Andrews, from UCW.
In just one week the video will be released and we will know the name of the mysterious challenge. With bet included.

Steve has an erection in his last video?

Many people are talking about it. Dark JR happened to him in his wrestling against Steve, in the video "Hot Challenge" although now it seems to have happened to Steve. This suspect bulge can be seen in the last video released in January "2020 Powers vs. Steve Mason"

Powers returns to Hunkswrestling

Powers returns to Hunkswrestling with more energy than ever, to face Steve Mason again. Stronger, more muscular, he intends to defeat and kick Steve's ass. Although Steve Mason is also in very good shape lately, and his strength increases every day.

What will happen? We will know in January in Hunkswrestling.

Badass of 2019

We are already finishing the year, and we are wondering, who has been the most bully fighter who has gone through HW?
The winner is Arturo.

 Coming from New York, this hunk came to visit Barcelona, and took the opportunity to challenge Steve and Dark Jr.
The result was a victory for Arturo in both matches, with his 93 kg of pure muscle.
As you can see this fighter enjoys making his victims suffer with a malevolent smile, even though Dark Jr and Steve have tried to defend themselves.
The difference of height/and weight was high, even more than Josh/Steve's match.

What new challenges will await them by 2020? Hopefully they will continue to train hard and be prepared to receive future visits in 2020, or they will once again be the prey of hunks like Arturo! We expect more bullies like him in the future,

DARK JR takes a vacation

One of the main hunkswrestling wrestlers had been missing for some time. He did not attend the last meeting of the producer of wrestling videos, where he was discussing current issues and the plan for 2020.

Some of us were wondering what had happened to him, if perhaps he was not in good health. But everything has been revealed by him when he told us that he has simply taken a vacation and a break from his work.

Dark JR, along with Steve Mason, are the most successful Spanish wrestlers and their fighting videos maintain the best-selling rankings on